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Thanks again, Justin.

I've been in the construction field for over 17 years. Sadly I was injured on the job performing my daily task. I was out of work as per the doctor and was denied benefits that I was entitled to. Justin Greenberg defended my interest and got my benefits through litigation.


My experience with Justin Greenberg, a lawyer, was a very successful one. I feel his experience, depth of knowledge, and sound legal advice to be advantageous in not only my lawsuit but throughout my recovery. He was able to secure a better than expected settlement from the defendants to ensure but additionally, complete medical and rehab coverage. Where I lacked knowledge of the law, he was able to advise and educate me. I would highly recommend him knowing he would be able to deliver quality legal services.

-Karen Carnow

My Experience with Greenberg Law Center was the best, to say the least. His integrity and adherence to my claim were sound and complete. He won me a settlement bigger, and faster than I expected. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. It is very encouraging to know that the Greenburg law center, is there to fight for us when we can’t

- Carl Squire

JUSTIN GREENBERG is a super attorney specializing in Workers' Compensation Law. He truly invests his time with me to get to know me better and help me out. Mr. Greenberg helped me through a hard time in my life and made it less stressful after I experienced the runaround from a number of attorneys. They were just luring me and not working or putting enough time in my case. Mr. Greenberg did not only act fast and stay on task, but he also treated me with respect and he performed honorably. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and compassionate. I would recommend him to anyone. He will answer all your questions and concerns. Thank you very much, Mr. Greenberg.

- Rosa M Ramirez06/14/17

My experience with Justin Greenberg was nothing but positive. After attempting to navigate the complicated process of filing workman’s compensation paperwork on my own to no avail, I worked with Justin and his knowledge and professionalism were top-notch. He took my case, immediately relieving me of the stress and worry that comes with a work-related injury. His concern for my needs was genuine and I received the compensation I was entitled to. I would highly recommend Justin to handle your legal needs.

- Susie Capoccia 6/20/17

Dear Justin Greenberg,

If only I had met you sooner. After two lawyers I hired and then fired over a two-and-a-half-year period. Mr. Greenberg would have won my case a long time ago. From the very day he signed me, he made progress deep into my case. Making the best possible decision. Mr. Greenberg knows the inside and he knew that if I stayed fighting in court to get my ankle fixed that the odds of it happening were very low. I, however, did not know this. Now after two and a half years already fighting this. One month into his job with me gives me advice that, at the time, I didn’t know it was going to change my life. He was not quite a stranger but no more than an associate now. Mr. Greenberg had gone against the grain and recommended I get surgery through my access (Welfare Insurance) Drs. Mr. G knew that the Court was not going to do me justice.

Every single day I was suffering. The pain I had grew to immense out of control pain, To the point where J would use a wheelchair at home and crutches or other conservative accommodations to get around town. Only when I absolutely had to that is. My kids suffered because their father couldn’t even walk, which basically eliminates all activities. Especially, if you didn’t plan for the injury to happen. So, no one plans for an injury to happen. The mother to my children suffered because our relationship suffered, all because I was suffering.

Every dr. I had seen through the courts told me there was nothing wrong with me, even though my Left foot and ankle looked as if they were going to fall off. So, Mr. Greenberg only knowing me one month, Greenberg says to go through access and get help, ¡ will help you every step along the way. Greenberg thought it might hinder the case going through access but if I were to keep going to the courts it could years before they actually would fix me. Despite, all the untrue statements the opposition managed to compose and twist up statements I made previously., Mr. Greenberg was there to destroy them. He would have won my case completely outright if He didn’t give me the best possible advice I could have ever had at that moment in time. Which was, to go see an orthopedic surgeon through access. Even though it could hinder our case and potentially get nothing back. I had the potential to walk again, work again, give my kids their 1ther back, give their mother, her man, and the security that comes with me being able to work and support us once again. Something that our entire family was not used to at that point.

When you’re going to court you’re guilty until proven innocent. ¡ personally did not have very much fight left in me. I was in the worst place I have ever been in. ¡ knew that if something didn’t happen to fix me then I was either going to cut my own leg off or take my own life. Or try to cut my leg off and if that failed then take my own life. I was devastated. I did not and was not prepared to get hurt and lose everything. I no longer could run the race and fell down. Everyone kept passing me, just before my light diminished, Mr. Greenberg picks me up and takes me to the finish line. Carrying me the entire way because I know I could not walk. Even though I could not walk he was carrying me so I could still get to where I need to go. ¡ did not expect my lawyer to give me the advice that would ultimately lead to me walking again and getting my life back after only a month of knowing me. He changed my life and I can now say he saved my life. By knowing the inside and outs of his job, he was able to make a choice, he could have told me to fight it out through the courts and get a bigger settlement, (more money for him right) or give me advice that might lose the case but save this strangers Life. Bring this stranger back from the edge and give him hope. He chose to potentially lose the case and just make sure every single step of my surgery process that I was going to make it and be ok. Even though we did not get what we hoped. Now if the courts were actually going to give me the treatment that would make me better, then I know for a fact Greenberg could have gotten me 100% of what was owed. He still got me a huge offer that I denied which was $5,000 more than what Mr. Greenberg and I discussed. That was cool. It was not the number I wanted after three years of being in a wheelchair 90% of every day. I feel Greenberg not only had my best interest at heart, but I trust him with my life. I am a strong man, I work hard, I have never had to depend on anyone other than my parents for the first 10 years of life. ¡ am by no means a weak man. Greenberg saved me and still got a huge offer. Even though I thought the judge would make the offer even bigger. The judge wiped the entire settlement out.

I should have gone, with even more of Greenberg’s advice and we still would have a good amount of money on the way. J chose not to settle out of court and take it to the judge. Mr. Greenberg Is a very respectful gentleman who bent over backward to meet my demands. Every single box I made for him to check he checked off. And he even gave a little extra. I now can make that same settlement money a thousand times over because of you Mr. Greenberg. ¡ am still going to tip you a few grand as soon as I get up and running. Now that ¡ can start working on my life again. I owe it all to you. ¡fI ever hit the lotto, you’re going to hit the lotto too. It pays to be kind. Kindness will come full circle. Because of the kindness you have shown me and my family, I will be able to spread the kindness and keep it going like a ripple effect that never ends. All because You Mr. Greenberg, a perfect stranger, decided to do something kind. You should win a humanities award. I would not be alive today if you had not saved my life. That I know. I could not even think of a full sentence without pain interfering and shutting it down. That is no life to live. If I had found you sooner Mr. Greenberg, I know you would have won my case and got me fixed! I just wish ¡ never went with those other two buffoons. No matter what they decided they were going to come up with, you were ready for all of it. You are great and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Seriously thank you again.

Please keep in touch.

The family you saved From certain destruction

- Cory Herrera